Nor is it the season Real Madrid with penalties. Modric failed before The Berlin of my dreams. The shot went into the center of the goal and although goalkeeper Ronnow ran towards the right post, he had time to shoot wide. It wasn't the best penalty taken by Lucas.

With this one there are already four launches and no success. It all started in the pre-season, with Vini's decision against Bará. His shot from eleven yards hit the post. In the League, the first pitcher was Rodrygo, I tried my luck against him Celtic and failed. It was an action that generated controversy. Ancelotti revealed after the game that Modric should have taken the penalty, but that the order he gave to the Valverde It did not reach its recipient.

There was another attempt by Joselu. Madrid were already beating Osasuna 4-0, Luka had already been substituted and the striker took charge of the shot in the 84th minute and also failed to convert it into a goal. By Sergio Herrera. “With each match the range of pitchers changes. Today Joselu had to pitch. Afterwards I don't know if they talked on the field to give Rodrygo a chance, but the pitcher was Joselu”, said Ancelotti at the end of the match, on October 7th.

The order of shooters according to Ancelotti

A month earlier, on September 1st, before the game against Getafe, Ancelotti explained the order of the shooters: “It depends on the games. The first is Joselu, the second is Modric and the third is Vinicius”. However, tonight with Joselu on the field, it was Luka who took the shot.

Nine years without failing in the Champions League

Madrid also missed their first penalty in the Champions League this season, and that's not something very common. In fact, you have to go back nine years see an eleven meter error in the European Cup. It was October 2014 and Cristiano launched to equalize the tie at one against Ludogorets, in the second game of the group stage, but the Bulgarian goalkeeper guessed CR7's shot and blocked it. Modric failed again in Berlin