Na kingdom Croos Not a single question at the press conference, almost all of them about his future. The German smiled and spoke frankly, without changing his heart rate, as if he were in the center of the field with Real Madrid's plans. He didn't clear anyone's doubts because even he isn't capable of leaving them behind. “I always tell you the truth, but I don't know…”, admitted the German in front of almost a hundred journalists who, like the fans, cannot understand that a player of his level is considering retirement. “I thought he wouldn’t play after the age of 32. So it’s okay…,” he insists.

Although in Madrid They are nervous about renewing Croos, the player says he doesn't get nervous. Whatever will be will be. He is sure he will set the deadlines. “I’m not worried about what might happen. Can be taken before the end of the season. I will accept it when I believe it. “You can see the pitch and it doesn’t affect me at all,” says the German, laughing, who was also asked about his return to the national team.

Because one possibility is that Kroos decides to return to the national team to retire at the top, in his country's European Championship. “These are all the problems I concentrated into one question,” He responded to the journalist who asked him about Madrid and Germany. “I didn't make any of the decisions,” he insisted: “I want to finish my career at a very high level. I'm the same as I was a year ago. We'll see. I want to make the right decision. The national championship. A team thing is a possibility, but still I haven't decided “anything”.

What he is clear about are two things: that he will not return to Bayern and that his case is not like Modric's: “They are two different cases. We think different things about the future. I don't know. And with Bayern it's always good if they love you, but that's not going to happen.”

The assault on the Champions League

Croos He prefers to focus on the competition, the duel against Leipzig and the assault on the Champions League: “I don't know if we are favorites for the Champions League, but we have already shown that we are capable. it takes you out of the competition, you have to be careful”, warned the German, who doesn't want to repeat last year. “The good stuff starts, which is always the hardest. We lost here last year, so we already know.”

In a press conference in which little was said about Leipzig, but in which the German felt very comfortable, he also spoke about the whistles he received in Saudi. And then he was blunt: “It was confirmation that what I said at the time was correct.”