veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty was discharged from a private hospital in Kolkata on Monday afternoon after being admitted on Saturday morning due to symptoms suggestive of Ischemic Cerebrovascular Accidentcommonly known as stroke caused by blockage of an artery leading to the brain by a blood clot.
After his release, Mithun openly addressed his health and lifestyle choices.”I eat like a demon. So I was punished. My advice to everyone is to control your diet. Anyone who is diabetic should not get the wrong idea that consuming sweets will not make a difference. Control your diet. diet” he told the media while reflecting on his own experience.

Mithun Chakraborty discharged from hospital, shares PM Narendra Modi's appeal for support amid healthcare struggle

Mithun assured that he is absolutely fine, adding that he should keep track of his eating habits. He also mentioned that he might start working soon, maybe tomorrow. Earlier in the day, the actor's health status was assessed by experienced doctors and therapists.
The superstar also revealed that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi contacted him personally on Sunday. “I got scolded for not taking care of my health,” she added, acknowledging Modi’s sincere gesture. Also, BJP MP Dilip Ghosh visited Mithun during his hospital stay.