The Minister of Defense, Abubakar Badaru, has assured Nigerians that the war against insecurity will come to an end if the various security agencies get the necessary support from the government and citizens at all times.

To achieve this objective, the minister called for an increase in allocation to the ministry to enable it to adequately finance all theaters of operations across the country.

Abubakar stated this on Wednesday when he appeared before the joint session of the Defense Committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives to defend the ministry's 2024 budget estimates.

The minister, who highlighted that the 2024 budget as far as the Ministry of Defense is concerned is N78,581,164,993, said the objective is to ensure sustained and simultaneous operations in the country's theaters to deploy terrorists, bandits and other criminal elements to outside the country. the land.

“We believe we can end this war. It (insecurity) will definitely come to an end, but it is better to discuss what is happening in the theaters of operation behind closed doors.

“On the question of the progress we have made and whether the war will end, I suggest that we should have the discussion in a closed-door meeting with joint committees where we will have all the commanders of the forces and theaters of operations. We would talk in a closed door meeting and talk extensively about the operational areas and what we are doing, what we expect to happen, but we believe we can end the war against insecurity.

“We will explain in detail what is happening in the theaters of operation. Our goal is to have simultaneous operations in all of our theaters, so that they all work and we will try, as much as possible, to end insecurity all at once, rather than fighting it in one center, and the bandits or insurgents will move in. to the other centers,” he said.

This, Abubakar noted, informed the 2023 supplementary budget, which he committed to monitoring to ensure value for money.

“I am confident that we would track expenses and ensure that the appropriate money was utilized in full and that we accounted for it as appropriate.

“The ministry is fully committed to achieving its core mandate. We seek support from members of the House and Senate. I appeal to the National Assembly to review the overall costs of the ministry, taking into account the prevailing economic situation, to help us function effectively. The overhead is very low and we ask for support,” he said.