Before Robert Pattinson was cast as Hollywood's latest Batman, Milo Ventimiglia auditioned for the role. At a certain point, the Gilmore Girls the star donned a cape and cowl for the chance to become Bruce Wayne, although he was denied the role. According to the actor, executives at Warner Bros. they said he was too old for the role at the time. Now that a new studio is overseeing all things Batman, asked whether or not the actor would consider trying out for the coveted role once again.

“No, because right now I’m probably too young. That's how it goes, man. When they say they want young Batman, they want some young people. When they say they want the old Batman, they want someone older”, says Ventimiglia. “As an actor, there are always those roles that you see yourself in. There are those characters that you want to think, 'Man, I could do that,' and you don't understand them. You see another actor pick it up and either do a good job or do shit. You kind of forget.

That's when the actor added that he's only trying to focus on these projects in the immediate future, suggesting that his goals have shifted from Batman to other projects.

“For me, I like to look at what’s in front of me and not too far ahead. I mean, you have Return of the Jedi behind you before there is any real information about Anakin Skywalker. I think when I was a teenager, I had a goal of playing Anakin Skywalker in a Star Wars movie, just like I wanted to play Batman and I think those are good dreams to have because they push you forward. But you also can't let that hold you back when that's not your job. Maybe I'm too young for Batman, or maybe they're just not right for me and that's okay. I think there could be a cool universe with AI, maybe there will be a Milo playing Batman, who knows.

Ventimiglia's newest project is Land of Evil, which hits theaters on February 16th.

Land of evil is described: “When a Delta Force team is ambushed in enemy territory, a rookie officer (Liam Hemsworth) refuses to abandon them. His only hope lies in an Air Force drone pilot (Russell Crowe) as the eyes in the sky during a brutal 48-hour battle for survival.”