ANDOn Sunday, February 11th, it was played the classic in Colombia between Nacional and Millonariosvalid for date 6 of the BetPlay League 1-2024, which ended in a victory for the blues with goal by Leonardo Castro. And at the end of the game everything got heated due to expulsions on the field, fire in the stands and hostile environment against John Jairo Bodmer for requesting his departure.

But apart from the fight that occurred in the last minutes, which ended with the expulsions of both goalkeepers for attacks by Santiago Rojas at home and aggressive attacks by Álvaro Montero on the visitorsThe ugliest was seen in the south stand of the Medellín stadium, when the host 'brava bar' set fire to it and ripped some chairs off the sports stage.

The press conference continued in a hot atmosphere because Coach Bodmer was asked directly if he was thinking about leaving the team, to which he replied that there was a possibility. and it is the managers’ decision.

National vs. National Summary Millionaires by date 6 of the BetPlay League 1-2024

The first time there was a better game from the 'ambassadors', who once again imposed their style on Atanasio Girardotremembering that it has been 11 consecutive games in the championship without losing at 'purslane' and The only recent joy was in the BetPlay Cup 2023 final on penalties.

Good Castro's goal was a reflection of the danger of those led by Alberto Gamero and they could have scored one more, but they failed to define it.

In the add-on There was a reaction from the local team and in the 55th minute they started to tilt the field, but failed to score big., they found the figure of defender Andrs Llins, in the end just in a hurry and with little clarity. At 85 minutes a fight broke out, which resulted foul from Millonarios' Santiago Giordana, push from Nacional's Bernardo Espinosa to Daniel Ruiz and everything got out of control.

To the people of Bogotá they entered dispute Yuber Quiones, Daniel Giraldo, Delvin Alfonzo, Andrs Llins and Juan Pablo Vargas, while for the locals there were Espinosa, Sergio Mosquera, Jefferson Duque and Andrs Salazar. But the worst happened with the arrival of Santiago Rojas, who headbutted Vargas twice and pushed him which led to Álvaro Montero it would arrive from the other arc and enter the same dynamic.

The central judge, Nolberto Ararat, decided to send off both goalkeepers and thus lower the temperature, so substitutes Harlen 'Chipi-Chipi' Castillo' and Diego Novoa entered 'purslane' and blues. But time passed without any more goals and the score was 0-1 for Millonarios.

Fire in the Atanasio Girardot stand due to Nacional's defeat to Millonarios

It is already known that The courageous band from Nacional, 'Los Del Sur', is in conflict with the guidelines for some decisions, for the rupture of relationships that previously had and due to repeated riots, which have already led to the suspension of public entry. But for this classic, just when the sanction was removed from the Paisa club and at the end of the match, There were small fires in the stands, accompanied by protests and shouts against managers, coaches and a section of players..

Although authorities have not reported any excesses or other acts of violence in or outside the stadium, sanction may reach the aforementioned bar by local authorities and also punishment from Dimayor to Atlético Nacional. Possibly, a new closure of the south stand and a financial fine to take action against the violent.

Bodmer opens the door to leave Nacional

Although not all Nacional fans point out and ask for the young coach's departure, more and more voices are joining in and he himself knows this and said so at a press conference: “I’m not going out calmly, I want to win, not only for the feeling of being a coach, but I also have an entire institution and the biggest fans in the country.”. But not only have the results been illusory, there have also been heavy defeats and defeats in recent classics.

But since this time it wasn't a massive fall, compared those suffered with Independiente Medellín and América de CaliJohn Jairo Bodmer wanted to clarify: “When you lose, people want you to whip yourself. But we lost competing the entire game”. But he ended up accepting that his departure could occur if the club's direction defines it as follows:

My position is available to the managers, I did my job honestly, we played good and regular games, but I leave it at the disposal of the managers.

And it all wrapped up in media attention with a response to fans for calling for his departure: “I want to win every game, I hope I can win by a landslide… I would like them to shout my name, they have every right to complain and point… If I have to leave, I will leave with my head held high”.