Mchel and his Girona They are, without a doubt, the fashionable actors of Spanish football. Real Madrid coach First division leader to Montilivi’s team and everything is praise for the former Rayo player, who is even starting to be considered for major European teams.

In an interview with J.orge Valdano, on the program ‘Universo Valdano’, the Girona master revealed one of his most difficult moments as a coach. Interestingly, it was after a success with Rayo: “I had an anxiety attack. After climbingthat pressure you have… It was rising and collapsing. “I went on vacation and told my wife, ‘Take me to the hospital, I’m dying.'”.

In ‘Images from the Valdano Universe’ Movistar Plus+‘, Mchel recognizes that for some time he needed professional help to move forward: “I spent three years with the psychologist, with the psychiatrist and little by little I am already visualizing and mechanizing my thoughts a lot.”

Furthermore, the Girona coach is grateful for this help to avoid a repeat of an episode similar to the one he suffered during his time at Rayo: “Now I try and “I have my tools so this doesn’t happen to me.”

Feel full support in Girona

In his conversation with Valdano, Mchel makes no secret of the fact that a good working environment is essential for mental health, and now explains with admiration that in Girona he has it all: “I have the ability to be immersed in what I do. I have no problems with the press, I have no problems with the fans. The steering is 100% in agreement, the sporty steering even more so. That as a coach is health.”

One of the great achievements of this Girona and Mchel, as the absolute leader of the team from the bench, is to be among the greats in the highest category of our football. The coach sees the key in knowing the goal you are aiming for: “It’s deserved and youI have the feeling that the team has a response, a soul, a personality… “We are clear about what we want to do.”


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