MG He wants his achievement to be in 2024. electricity market in Spain… and took drastic measures to achieve this. Because from now on all your battery models will be 2,000 euros very cheap.

It's about the MG4the compact crossover that opens the MG electric range, the ZS Battery Versionhe MG5 it's him Marvel R. In the best case scenario, your final price can be up to 46% lower than the RRP with new campaigns. In fact, the new entry price for the MG electric range (that of the Standard MG4 basic) is 16,400 euros.

The electric MG ZS can be purchased for 20,480 euros.MG Motor

MG 100th Anniversary Discount

it is Additional discountcalled MG 100th Anniversary Discount, will be in force in a complementary manner to the others. That is, they add help from Plan Moves III (which can be 7,000 euros), The MG electric campaign which represents a direct discount of 1,210 euros already the offer of financialwhich reduces the bill in others 2,000 euros more (although the final cost of the car will be higher due to interest).

These 2,000 euros are divided into two distinct shares: one Sales increase campaignwhich is basically an additional discount of 1,000 euros for all models and a second, the MY 2022 campaignwhat limits the other 1,000 euros in discounts to some versions (e.g. not current in MG4 Luxury O XPower)

Adding the government support and the new discountsthe price of one MG4 can stay in 16,480 euros (compared to 30,690 RRP), that of a ZS EV will go from 33,690 to 20,480that of MG5 drops from 35,490 to 23,280 and that of Marvel R stay in 30,980, for a PVP of 43,190. Let us remember: as long as we satisfy all the conditions for all brand discounts and government aid (including personal income tax deduction of 15%).

The new entry price for the Marvel R still falls below 31,000 euros.

The new entry price for the Marvel R still falls below 31,000 euros.MG Motor

Also for MG HS gasoline

The discounts will not remain exclusively on the electric versions (although mostly), since the 100th Anniversary Discount also reach one of the models Gasoline of the MG range: the MG HS.

That's it 4.61 meter SUV offer now Additional discount of 1,000 euros (at the moment there is a direct reduction of 2,000 euros and another 2,000 for financing), which can leave your price at 22,240 euros compared to the 27,440 that originally appeared on its label.