Iaround ‘Operation Triumph’, thanks to Amazon Prime, is coming. However, the journalist’s video went viral on social media. Melissa Jiménez at the casting, 15 years ago. Although not everything went as well as she expected and she ended up having a big fight with Noem Galera, who was especially hard on her.

In fact, she must have been so disappointed that she was never seen on any other similar show again. Although it has been in others, like, ‘Your face looks familiar to me‘. Of course, she was successful first as a reporter at MotoGP and, years later, at DAZN commentating on Formula 1. But she couldn’t get into the Academy.

Noem Galera explodes against Melissa Jimnez

The problem between Melissa and Noem was that the casting manager at the time asked the young woman, who was just 20 years old, to sing something for her in Spanish. But the applicant told her that she could not, because she had not prepared “nothing moved and in Spanish.” She justified herself by ensuring that she always spoke English and that it was her preferred language to sing in, but the excuses were of no use to Galera.

Melissa Jimenez presents an ‘OT’

“As far as I’m concerned, you can go now,” he snapped without warning. The truth is that the competitor was thoughtful, waiting for the fight to end, either to continue singing or to go back the way she came. AND The second option was the correct one and Risto Mejide was the one in charge of telling him.

He wasn’t very nice to her either and told her to please make a wish. “sacrifice for music.” In this case, what I asked was for the casting to be prepared. Although later, when they invited him to leave the stage to take stock of what he had experienced, he assured them that he would not return because they were “a little advantage” with her.



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