Tclear ear. Xavi Hernández and Deco They held a meeting this Monday in which the Portuguese wanted to explain to the coach his words in the Portuguese magazine Nascer do Sol and which generated great controversy when it was interpreted that he was questioning the Barça team's playing model.

Deco explained to the technician that he never wanted to insinuate what was published in some media and that He just wanted to reflect a situation the club was experiencing after Xavi himself said that he would leave the bank on June 30th and that it was a time for a change in management.

Xavi, Laporta and Déco.EFE

The Coach He understood what Deco told him. In fact, he knows very well what he thinks because they both have a good relationship and often talk about how they see football. We cannot forget that they were both teammates at Barcelona for several years. This is why Xavi was so surprised when he was asked about Deco's alleged words at a press conference.

Before the aforementioned meeting, the journalist who wrote the news made a statement in which he made it clear that there was a wrong interpretation in what he wrote and that Deco's intention was not to question the club's model. In fact, I apologized.