Kylian Mbapp appeared at the press conference before the game between France and Gibraltar. The ‘Les Bleus’ captain has not participated in a press conference since June 15th. He was asked about his media silence and the Olympic Games: “The last time was in June, I announced from my first speech that I would not attend all the press conferences. I said that I was not Antoine’s hierarchical superior, he gave the three conferences. Then we leave the door open for others. It’s a desire to share leadership. I’m not afraid to come here, but the French team is not my team.”

On the Olympic Games: “It’s my employer who decides. It will be a pleasure to play for them, but if my employer doesn’t want me to, I will support their decision. about this. If yes, yes, yes “It’s no, it’s no. I want to play and I think people do too.”

Difference between Deschamps and Luis Enrique

“Here the coach adapts to the opponent and gives me complete freedom on the left, which means I’m a different player. This allows me to broaden my football palette. I can still improve. Luis Enrique gives me more structure. to all these bosses and the two great coaches I have, I’m interested in listening to you.

Contract extension

“This is nothing new for the French team. If you have this question, you have to come to PSG Campus and I will answer it. inside the field. When I’m on the field I don’t get involved with things that come from outside.

Piqué with Luis Enrique

“You have to ask him why. He accepted it very well, he’s a great coach, he has a lot to teach me. From day one I told him he wouldn’t have any problems with me. I’ve always worked hard. I’m fine with the coaches. I had. I’m a demanding player with myself, so if I have that demand again, it will suit me.”


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