Racism: through the eyes of a child will be developed into a film and limited series by Say Unkel Entertainment, Variety reports

As Beyoncé continues to savor the success of Renaissance: a Beyoncé film, her father is also entering the film era. On Tuesday, the businessman announced that he had signed a contract with the production company Say Unkel Entertainment to adapt his memoir Racism through the eyes of a child in a film and a limited series, for Variety.

The first half of Knowles' memoir will be covered in the feature film, recounting his early years growing up in Alabama during the 1960s and the race riots, where he was one of six black students to attend an all-white school. In the book, Knowles discusses being detained four times in a single day while participating in peaceful protests.

The book also discusses how Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Turner, and Ralph Abernathy, who helped fight for equal rights, shaped him in his early years. “These are the men who made me proud and the women who taught me how to fight back,” said Knowles Variety.

Beyoncé praises her father in Renaissance: a Beyoncé film for his business mentality. He has worked as a business manager with Destiny's Child, Chaka Khan, and Solange. He has two undergraduate degrees, a doctorate, an MBA and Harvard certifications, according to the vehicle.


Knowles has written five books, including Racism in 2017, Ach's DNAievers in 2015, Child of Destiny: The Untold Story in 2019, The emancipation of slaves through music in 2018, and Public Relations and Media in 2019.

Unkel will oversee the development of the project with Howard Kazanjian, who was a producer on the Star Wars trilogy.



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