Matheus Pereira starts the season with three assists and takes over as Cruzeiro's number 10; The midfielder tries to maintain his streak of classics

February 13
– 09:31

(update at 9:31)

Matheus Pereira has been a standout this season

Photo: Staff Images / Cruzeiro / Esporte News Mundo

Matheus Pereira was one of Cruzeiro's most important figures in their 3-0 victory over Patrocinense. The midfielder recorded two assists in the match and deserved praise for his great start to the season in a Raposa shirt. He already has three assists and is taking on the role of number 10 for good.

Left-back Marlon has praised Matheus Pereira's status in Nicolás Larcamón's team.

– Let's highlight Matheus Pereira's performance. We know he arrived in the team last season without having time to train or adapt. This year he had a very good preparation period, he is our outstanding player, he is our brain, he strengthened the team very well, he put everyone in goal situations

Coach Nicolás Larcamón also commented on the player. The Argentine emphasized the intelligence of the Cruzeiro player.

– He is a player who deciphers the game and knows where to organize it. The team works for him and he works for the team. It's not just on one side. Matheus played a great match, but the whole team worked very well. Dinenno, as a central striker, tried to give his all from start to finish. All players are committed both with and without the ball and this is our flag with which we can build a great season.

Now Matheus Pereira and company will have a classic match against América-MG on Thursday. His teammates, coach and fans hope the midfielder will be inspired and get three more points in the competition.