Gthose crooked and trembling heads, tight lips… the faces in in the Prima Pramac Ducati garage they denoted concern. Times were not good and Jorge Martín was the last On the table. Yes, you had to rub your eyes, but there it was, the 22nd. A whole MotoGP title contender suffering like a convict at the most important moment.

It was clear that something was wrong with the tiresgood Martinador I went in, walked around a few times and came back. Each time with different compounds varying between medium and hard. “It was very complicated because I was going very slowly, but at one point I told my coach that I wouldn’t go out again if we didn’t put on new rubber. It was completely useless, I was going to fall and hurt myself.“, the Madrid native later revealed about his conversations with Daniele Romagnoliyour chief mechanic.

Leccin of maturity

I was configuring the soft tires and that of San Sebastin de los Reyes resurfaced. He managed to do some good laps and solve the problem. “I entered Q2 in a very mature way. Much better, no mistakes,” he said with relief.

Your second worst Friday

Not in vain, he finished seventh on Friday, equaling your second worst rating after a first day of the entire season. Martin is the only of all riders, from all categories, not just MotoGP, which entered directly in the second quarter, the session that marks the fight for pole. In Barcelona, the worst so far, managed just a tenth, while in Argentina it was seventh, as now. Interestingly, despite his great speed, he only finished first in the Americas and Thailand.

If they were in the satellite complex’s garage on the verge of a nervous breakdowncalmer they were in Official Ducati. Or at least that’s what they seemed to be, because Pecco concluded eighthwhich didn’t happen so much.

Bagnaia, calmly

Although, Bagnaia Yes, it felt good with medium and hard rubber and is solid. “I’m really happy with how the day went because I started the session this morning and everything was perfect on the bike and that helps a lot. We have been working well. Yesterday we saw a lot of things and the configuration we released worked as I expected, so I’m very happy with it. This morning it was impossible to test things due to the conditions, we just made a small adjustment to the front and it felt even better. This afternoon we didn’t touch anything, we won’t touch anything for tomorrow It was not easy to understand the conditions of the front tire this afternoon because after six laps they disappeared and you have to drive in a different way, but I think we understand a little what tire will be used this weekend. It was better not to use a hard front tire to have it tomorrow and do more laps tomorrow”, he indicated on DAZN.

Message to Martn

The leader even sent a message to the opponent. “It happened to me too, the last time I think about Thailand, that the first tire I put on didn’t work at all. It can happen, but you have to work knowing that you can always find a solution for everything. I don’t think it’s a problem for him, because in the end he did a good lap with the second tire. Definitely not as explosive as other timesbut it is in the second quarter and that is everyone’s main objective”, he stated.

And both because your teammates will be in the playoffs, Bastianiniwinner at Sepang, and Zarco, winner in Australia, who can play a fundamental role in subtracting points from one or the other. Furthermore, Bezzecchi, Lex Mrquez and other dangerous rivals just a lap away, like Miller or Quartararo.


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