Martha Stewart is at the center of yet another controversy on Instagram.

The 82-year-old culinary connoisseur's respect for animals was called into question when she shared her homemade dog food recipe on Instagram. Stewart, known for her expertise in the kitchen, took to social media on December 10 to give her followers a taste of the meaty food she prepares for her two French bulldogs and two Chow Chows, Crème Brulee, Bete Noire, Emperor Han and Empress . Qin.

“Today was dog food day!! Although it takes a lot more than a day to make our kind of healthy farm to serve the food my adorable dogs have become accustomed to,” the businesswoman began. “Start with the deer that has lived here since it arrived a year ago (slowly cook the diced meat until tender) and then harvest the old roosters that have been good friends and make a tasty poached chicken.”

Stewart continued, detailing the preparation process. “I then visit @mtkiscoseafood to see fresh salmon carcasses, which are also poached and harvested,” she noted. “Cut the last large orange poitiron pumpkin. Steam until tender. We ate a big bowl of it ourselves. Bake nine large sweet potatoes. Cut up a large bowl of carrots and boil in salmon stock along with broccoli, frozen peas and quinoa (five pounds).

And the process doesn't end there. In a large stainless steel bowl, she combines the ingredients before placing them in the Cuisinart food processor. “I did a mental calculation and determined that we would fill 44 liters and I only lost 1/2 liter”, specified Stewart.

The final step included separating the mixture into containers, placing the prepared food in the freezer, and cleaning. Before finishing her online note, she added: “The dogs are very, very happy, we are very tired!! It's worth it!!” A photo carousel carefully captured the step-by-step process, providing clear images for its audience of two million people.

While this isn't the first time Stewart has opened up about her homemade dog food, posting information on her Instagram page and website in 2021, this particular post has attracted a myriad of commenters frustrated with the origin of her ingredients.

One reader wrote: “Did you kill the deer that came to your house? And your 'friends' the chickens??? It looks like a real fairy tale there.”

“Am I reading this correctly? Did you kill the deer that has been living in your house for a year and put it in your dog food? added a perplexed spectator.

“Wait a minute! The deer, it's not in the dog food, is it?!?! I understand the chickens/roosters, but not the deer…meat, yes…deer, no,” another person exclaimed.

Amid the disapproval and disappointment, defenders of Stewart's recipe spoke out. “It’s called farm to table, not everyone survives on vegetables. It's called agriculture. We have much bigger problems in this world than people who farm and raise their own livestock for food and live sustainably. Secondly, dogs need meat and this is absolutely perfect for them,” noted one advocate.

“I love this. Helping wildlife conservation through hunting and respect and kindness for farm animals until they are used for a practical purpose. In return, healthy dogs,” highlighted another. “I am shocked and horrified by the how disconnected and naive so many people here are about meat. In fact, look at factory farming for a minute. Martha's version is humane and treats animals with dignity.”

One woman commented: “The irony that people don't understand this is true sustainability. Go Martha!

The Independent contacted Stewart's rep for a comment.



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