MArta Garcia he hung his silver in the snatch and bronze in the Olympic total, in the up to 45 kilos category, of the European weightlifting tournament taking place in Sofia (Bulgaria).

Junior world champion and absolute continental bronze in 2023 He weighed 72 kilos on his third snatch attempt which earned him the money. The gold went to Turkey's Cansu Bektas (75 kg).

Twice, he lifted 84 kilos on the second attempt. In the third he went to 87 kg, which would have been a record for Spain. But she was unable to complete a valid lift, so she finished fourth. In the Olympic total, the 156 kilos gave him bronze, behind the Turks Bektas, 163 (75+88) and Gamze Altun, 157 (65+92).

Bronze for Sira Armengou

Sira Armengou gave Spain their second medal at this European Championship. At 49 kg he reached the bronze at the start. She lifted 71 on the first attempt, reaching 74. On the third attempt, she failed to do 76. Twice, she lifted 90 kilos, but then failed to do 94. It was the sixth. In the Olympic total, she finished fourth with 164 kilos, behind Romania's Mihaela Valentina Cambei, 199 kilos (90+109), Poland's Olivia Drzazga, 170 (74+96) and Ireland's Tham Nguyen, 169 (74+95). ). The Italian Giulia Impériowho started as a big favorite, was left out with three zeros at the start when trying 83 kilos.

In this same category, Pepa Giménez-Guervos She was seventh in the snatch (70 kg), ninth in the two-stroke (86 kg) and eighth in the total (156 kg).