Mark Ruffalo Claims Producers of Paramount Pictures Serial Killer Drama Zodiac They weren’t exactly ardent pursuers.

In the 2007 film, Ruffalo plays a police officer who is closing in on the hunt for the notorious serial killer. Ruffalo’s track record wasn’t in that type of role at the time.

“Studios, they didn’t come to me like that,” Ruffalo told High Snobiety about his career at the time. “I will never forget when they were negotiating my deal [for ‘Zodiac’]the studio negotiator literally told my manager, ‘Look, we don’t give a shit about Mark Ruffalo, nor do we want Mark Ruffalo in this movie, so you’re going to take what we’re offering or forget it.'”

The actor admitted to feeling stigmatized by his roles in the romantic comedy before Zodiac.

“What I felt immediately in the film world is that when you do something well, that’s what they think you are. They will come to you with this part over and over again. And I said, ‘No.’ My career won’t be like that. I will do as much as I can to try to make people see me in different ways so that I can do more over the years.”

Ruffalo got his wish, playing the Hulk in the Avengers films.


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