Marcos Alonso he is not happy. The defender, who I arrived last season for free of ChelseaIt went from having a relative role last season to having a testimonial role this season.

Madrid counts very little for Xavi Hernandez until now. Last season, at this moment, accumulated 357 minutes disputed, while now it only adds up to 161. It is clear that he lost weight within his coach’s plans.

The settlement of Alejandro Balde As a starter on the left wing, he made it clear that the role of the Marcos Alonso I couldn’t be the protagonist. Of course, that’s one thing and what’s happening to him this season is another. The full-back is the last to enter the plans Xavi Hernandez usually. The last and clearest example of his situation came in the match against Deportivo Alaves. Ah, the coach preferred to convert a right-back as João Cancelo instead of giving ownership to Alonso.

There is also the weight loss as a defender, a position that last year xavi I used it in 25 games. This year, with the emergence Iigo Martinez and the decision to align Jules Kound always in the center of defense, he hasn’t played a single game there yet.

Possible way out

In this situation, it is normal for the player to evaluate what to do with his future. It is clear that he is not comfortable with the situation he lives in. Next month he will turn 33 and knows he is experiencing the final stretch of his career. He wants to play and it seems that in Just It’s gonna be hard.

This opens the door to leave the club. Its exit in the winter market is not ruled out, but it seems unlikely. He is not the type of player who makes a decision like that in the heat of the moment and, deep down, he still believes that he could end up being part of the team’s plans. xavi as the season progresses.

Another thing is summer, where does your exit come from? Barcelona It sounds sung. The contract ends and renewal is not an option on the table at the moment. The footballer will value a change of scenery and although his name has been heard for Atlético Madrid, I wouldn’t disregard an experience in a foreign competition. After all, most of his career took place outside Spain (Bolton, Fiorentina, Sunderland and Chelsea).


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