I won't believe he left until he's at the stadium tomorrow.. I know Jude, he will do everything possible to compete in the Champions League. I can consult other doctors, I don't know, I read a lot. We'll see if it's there or not. I think he came to the right team and we were surprised by his performance“said the RB Leipzig coach, Marco Rosain the preview of the match against Real Madrid at the first leg of the Champions League round of 16.

The English player, who suffered a serious sprain in his left ankle against Girona, He did not travel with the Madrid expedition that traveled to Leipzig to play the match…but even so, the coach, who knows the '5' perfectly from his time at Borussia Dortmund, will not believe that Bellingham is out until he sees that she is not in the stadium: “I've been with him for a year, he's a great kid, with a great mentality, he moves really well. If he doesn't play, there are others like Brahim or maybe they play 4-3-3 with Joselu in attack. There are small details in the game against Madrid that will change, he is a very important player.”he assured.

Another concern for the coach is the presence of Amadou Haidara. The midfielder was ruled out against Augsburg, on the last day of the Bundesliga, after have slight discomfort in the knee of the African Cup. “Doudou increased the workload in training. He really wants to participate. Let’s wait for the last training session”said Rose, who also stated that the cover was never with him: “But I don’t see us as favorites for the Champions League title. I would see that as very presumptuous.”.

How to stop Vinícius?

“He plays outside and inside too, he wants the ball, he makes a lot of duels, he wants to score and he does… it's very difficult for the defense to stop him. defense is on the rise, we shouldn't just focus on one. “If Joselu plays, he is very good on the wing. And they have other players who can score goals. We are talking about Real Madrid, they are one of the strongest in Europe at the moment. We want to face them, with possession of the ball, create opportunities. That's what we need.”

Are Real Madrid's two defeats against Atleti an example?

“It's a very special classic. I saw the games against Atleti, they were very difficult games for both of us. Atleti play with five at the back and you can see how they did. But we want to play our game. Madrid play a lot ” On the outside, with very strong players, we have to defend very well. Be compact. We need arrival and a lot of strength. And with possession of the ball we have to create. Madrid's numbers are very good. We have to control the game on all lines.”

Daniel Olmo

“He's always motivated, but today we spoke to the coaching staff who, since we've been here, haven't played an important game for us yet. He is ready to help us against Real Madrid and I'm sure he really wants to play for a club in his country. Above all I want him to be healthy because he is a great player and very important for us.”