The man accused of being behind the wheel of a truck that struck and seriously injured a person sleeping in a tent at Kelowna's Rail Trail homeless encampment in 2022 has pleaded guilty to one count of dangerous driving causing bodily harm.

Tyler Grant Manchur, born in 1992, appeared in court in Kelowna on Monday to enter his plea.

The case was adjourned to April 25, pending a pre-sentence report and psychiatric assessment.

The court was told that RCMP were called just after 2 a.m. on September 26, 2022, after a black Dodge 1500 pickup truck drove north on Ethel Street, failed to turn left and entered what is known locally as “Tent City”. ”, running over a tent and dragging it and its occupant for 95 meters before stopping. The camp is sanctioned by the city.

The man in the tent was found pinned under the truck's wheel and suffered what Crown attorney Miho Ogi-Harris described as serious “life-changing” injuries. As a result, he underwent several surgeries, she said. The man has since died of unrelated causes.

Manchur was detained at the scene by people from the camp and detained until the police arrived.

He was taken into custody and, at the Kelowna RCMP detachment, given a breathalyzer test in which his blood alcohol level was recorded at 150 milligrams per 100 milliliters of blood, well above the legal impairment level.

Two days after the accident, Manchur called Castanet News and claimed he had “no memory” of much of the night in question and said he believed he was drugged.

“I blew up the punch box, but not enough to cause the damage that was done,” he said, explaining that he was speaking to the media because he wanted the community to know that “I’m not a dangerous person.”

Denying that he hated the homeless, he claimed that he spent two hours out that night and visited two places, the Social and the Liquid Zoo. He believed he was drugged at some point before the incident.

“I was downtown between Social and Liquid Zoo and I don't remember anything after leaving the bar. I have no memory of anything. Therefore, I am convinced that he was on drugs,” Manchur said.

He added that he had no explanation as to why he was so weak and stated that he had no memory of the incident or the events leading up to it.

Monday's guilty plea negates the need for a trial. Manchur is currently free on bail.