ANDLast Saturday, February 10th, the Goya Awards took place in Spain and, for the first time, actress Malena Alterio was awarded best female performer. To celebrate, last Monday I went to 'La Resistencia' and she faced questions less common to her and ended up talking about a sexual habit that he follows to calm himself, especially at a time like the current one with several consecutive events related to his profession.

In the dreaded classic questions, Malena Alterio did not hesitate to joke with the program's host, David Broncano, about his 'weapon' to calm down when is in a moment of nervousness and a lot of work. When the Galician asked her about her sexual activity over the last 30 days and explained how the scores work, the actress let herself go and didn't hesitate to reveal surprising information.

Malena Alterio uses the same trick to calm down

Repeatedly “0.2” in reference to masturbation, causing laughter from the entire set. “I don’t know how many,” he said. Afterwards, she explained to Broncano that she was very “busy” lately. “But that relaxes you, right”, explained the presenter of 'La Resistencia'.

Broncano insisted that “calming” masturbation helps, something Malena Alterio agreed with: “It’s wonderful, I always recommend it, it’s infallible.” The one in Buenos Aires He couldn't calculate how many times he had done this in the last few days., and he insisted that he had attended many awards galas. “Forqu, Goya…”, he said.

Faced with a busy schedule, Alterio He got in the mood again to explain his sexual activity. “I had to calm down a lot,” he said as he made movements with his hand that suggested he was referring to masturbation, causing Broncano to be unable to contain his laughter in 'La Resistencia'.