NAyib Bukele, the president of El Salvador, has been in the news since the beginning of his term for his policies to control gang members, also called terrorists by the president. Build CECOT, Terrorism Containment Center, for this function.

Now he has allowed several people in so they can see the reality of life in gang prisons. However, some of the first people were influencers, invited to show on their social networks how prisoners live.

The incredible videos of CECOT influencers

The truth is that the clash on camera between the content creator and the prisoners is surprising. The dehumanization is total and the videos are shocking. Luisito expressed fear of being there despite the guards: “It’s a bit scary being just a few meters away from killers and kidnappers without any kind of protection.”“.

Luisito, who visited several prisons, He explained how prisoners live and the few possibilities they have, since they can't even see anyone outside (no family, no lawyers, nothing), and of course, they don't have the option of reducing their sentences. You will not be able to leave at any time.

The Mexican's final reflection is harsh: “I left very shocked and with a strange feeling of relief. I, who visited many prisons and documented several for the channel, It gives you a terrible feeling of helplessness when you visit prisons where criminals who have done horrible things live like kings.. Being able to appreciate these conditions and these measures in a maximum security prison provides a certain sense of empowerment to a simple citizen like me.”