MMDA opens its newest communications command center equipped with various technologies to enhance security and surveillance in Metro Manila on July 12, 2023. / Zacarian Sarao

MANILA, Philippines — The Land Transportation Office (LTO) said on Wednesday that it will use the cameras of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to record driver violations in Metro Manila.

This information comes from the head of the LTO, Vigor Mendoza II, who explained in a statement that the recorded videos will be used to issue Show Cause Orders (SCO) against offending drivers.

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“The cameras installed by the MMDA are being used to monitor traffic situations, especially on major roads in Metro Manila. We could also use them to chase errant drivers who would openly defy traffic safety rules,” Mendoza was quoted as saying in the release.

The cameras installed by the MMDA across the metro are part of its contactless apprehension policy, which involves the use of videos and photos in the apprehension of traffic rule violators.

The LTO and MMDA then entered into an agreement to coordinate the use of the installed cameras.

“Initially, we will focus on Edsa busway violators,” Mendoza continued.

According to the agreement between the two agencies, the MMDA will forward to the LTO the videos captured of the violations, including details on the date and time of the violation, and the license plate number of the vehicle involved in a traffic violation.

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“These captured videos that will be transmitted to our office will be used as the basis of the SCO that will be issued to the offending drivers,” the LTO head also said.

On April 2 alone, the Department of Transportation – Transportation Intelligence and Special Action Committee told that they managed to arrest 12 drivers who were improperly using the Edsa busway.

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