MANILA, Philippines – At least 41 motorcycle drivers have been detained since the start of the Land Transportation Office’s (LTO) strict implementation of the “No Registration, No Travel” policy on Monday, November 20, the agency announced on Tuesday. fair.

“All detained drivers received fines and all motorcycles without registration plates were impounded,” LTO enforcement officials said in a press release.

All of the detainees were from Metro Manila, but LTO Deputy Chief Secretary Atty. Vigor D. Mendoza II said vehicle owners can expect aggressive operations to be carried out across the country.

“There are so many motorcycles that are not registered and based on our history, many of them have not been registered for one to five years. We will not allow this and our compatriots can expect us to take measures to force their owners to register,” said Mendoza.

(Many motorcycles are not registered and based on our records, many of them have not been registered for one to five years. We will not allow this, and the public can expect us to take action to force owners to register them.)

Meanwhile, the LTO-Law Enforcement Section (LES) said it has started deploying agents in areas where motorcycles often travel, such as along Katipunan Avenue and Aurora Boulevard.

“The operation we carried out in Metro Manila should serve as a warning to all owners of delinquent motor vehicles to register them as soon as possible,” Mendoza advised.

“Don’t wait until you get caught because you will face even worse problems,” Mendoza added in Filipino.


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