Louise Thompson shared an update on her chronic illness with fans, noting that she recently spent more than two weeks in the hospital following a health crisis.

The old one Made in Chelsea Star has documented ups and downs in her health over the past few years, including her difficult birth experience in 2021 and her lupus diagnosis the following December.

On Monday (February 12), Thompson, 33, posted a photo of himself in bed wearing a hospital gown, with several threads attached to his chest and neck.

In an extended caption, the TV personality told fans that she fell ill while on vacation in Antigua. According to Thompson, she ignored symptoms of declining health before flying to the Caribbean to enjoy time with her two-year-old son, Leo-Hunter, and fiancé Ryan Libbey.

“I spent as much energy as I could pretending I was going to be okay,” she wrote, “but deep down I knew I was very sick.

“I wanted the best for Leo and my family and memories, the vacation was a long time coming.”

Later in her caption, Thompson wrote that she felt extreme discomfort in terms of her physical and mental health.

(Instagram/Louise Thompson)

“Both are agony and can leave you helpless,” she wrote. “It's difficult to have one without the other, they are intrinsically linked.

“Anyway, I thought I could handle anything – how short-sighted. My resilience skyrocketed and I became numb.”

She added: “Most people would be in A&E on the first day with my symptoms, I have no qualms saying that because I know what my symptoms were and they weren't okay, I'll spare you some of the darker details but I was a little ‘too used to’ my chronic condition.”

After losing “cups full of blood” every 20 minutes when using the toilet, Thompson and her family flew home to the UK to seek treatment, after which she was admitted to hospital.

“Things got worse very quickly,” she added. “Thank God for safety, thank God for the NHS.”

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While Thompson wasn't specific about the issues she was facing, she noted that she was focusing on improving and shared a positive outlook for the future.

“I am a STRONG COOKIE and am working hard for a speedy recovery,” she wrote. “And there will be a silver lining. I swear I'm already looking. I've already found a few nuggets.

“A little reminder that health is everything. It must always come first, first, first. Along with my family and my son.”

Thompson concluded his message by stating that he believed 2024 would still be his “best [year] still”, despite a difficult start.

In response, fans and friends were quick to share messages of support for the TV star, with many thanking her for being candid about her experience.

Your ex Made in Chelsea castmate Ashley James wrote, “Sending you so much love,” while writer and podcaster Elizabeth Day commented, “Sending you so much love and strength, Louise.”

Before that, Thompson suffered a hemorrhage early last year and said the situation left her thinking she was “going to die again.”