“Teletubbies” is one of the strangest British exports, a children’s TV series focusing on four weird alien-like creatures of different colors, each with a differently shaped antenna that comes out of their heads. The name Teletubbies refers to the literal television screens they have in their bellies (hence the antenna). Rather than teach toddlers anything useful, or offer emotionally intelligent stories like the masterpiece that is “Bluey,” “Teletubbies” is all about gibberish. No, really, the Teletubbies don’t really talk but say gibberish and just walk around eating only two things — custard and toast. 

The show is probably best remembered for the Baby Sun, a sun which has the face of a baby. The show even got a reboot from Netflix. Not only that, but somehow the bright colors and toddler-looking characters were enough to turn “Teletubbies” into a huge sensation around the world and even made their way to influencing the MCU in a small way. After the namedrop by Kate Herron, the official “Teletubbies” Twitter account responded by sharing a monstrosity, a Loki variant that looks like Dipsy but with Loki horns — pure nightmare fuel.

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