ANDI content creator Living on the street It has been in the news again in recent days and, once again, it is not for positive reasons. The famous IRL streamer has had several controversies since deciding to acquire a VTC license and started doing live shows showing how he practiced this profession, during which countless illegalities and reckless driving.

Unfortunately, it is not something that is in the past. On networks like 'X' they started to go viral again for the same reason as before. It appears that Jony's real name is Viviendoenlacalle He learned nothing from his mistakes.

Living on the street about to suffer a live accident

In one of the mentioned clips you can see how it almost happened an accident because the protagonist tries to enter a road where it does not have priority. At that moment, he has to stop abruptly, without having realized that another vehicle was traveling on that streetIt's also true that this one didn't have the lights on, which is no excuse either.

Another case is, for example, a living fragment in which an accident almost occurs again. This time, the streamer finds himself, on a road with clearly limited space, driving at high speed. Due to this and a vehicle that tries to enter without visible visibility, An accident was almost witnessed that could have ended much worse.

Finally, it is worth mentioning a clip in which the creator He enters a gazebo while you can clearly see him looking at the chat on his phone, something without a doubt of enormous danger. Before that there was also close to hitting with a car that crossed into the opposite lane to overtake a car that was stopped in the middle of the asphalt.

These are just some cases of several more that Viviendoenlacalle is already getting used to starring in. It will be necessary to see if the consequences remain in the criticisms on the Internet or if, on the contrary, something of greater significance happens.