It's Robbie Williams' 50th birthday (Photo: Don Arnold/WireImage)

Robbie Williams turned 50 today as the famous hitmaker celebrates his birthday with his wife Ayda Field.

Cheeky as ever, he stuck his tongue out for a chat with Ayda, 44, as they spent a night together ahead of their milestone birthday – weeks after he randomly defaced a road sign.

“I'm so happy and so grateful,” Robbie wrote in a lengthy caption about his big day, in which he referenced his rather wild past.

“For me, it's hard to get excited about 'Your Special Day' because life has been so kind to me and to be honest, every day that I experience – in its own way – is fucking epic,” the former Take star That added.

And it's been epic, as Robbie was no stranger to partying and living the big life in his youth, although he has since settled in as a father to his four children.

While the Supreme hitmaker has had plenty of unbelievable stories from his life in the spotlight, including clucking like a chicken in a hot tub, one raunchy story is possibly the craziest we've ever heard.

Robbie Williams with wife Ayda Field

He celebrated with his wife Ayda Field (Photo: Robbie Williams/Instagram)

In 2016, he appeared on Graham Norton's big sofa for a chat in which the host asked: 'What's the craziest thing a fan has ever given you?'

'Herpes' was the short, sweet and brutally honest answer, leaving viewers of the Graham Norton Show utterly gobsmacked.

Fellow guest Anna Kendrick looked utterly perplexed while Justin Timberlake laughed and Daniel Radcliffe assured him he didn't need to tell the full story.

Graham wholeheartedly disagreed and, in true Robbie fashion, the star went on to share details of their encounter – after confessing that he shouldn't share it on national television.

“In the past, I was renting a castle to rehearse. I was in this room and I woke up and I was awake, but I hadn't opened my eyes,” he began.

Robbie Williams during filming of The Graham Norton Show in 2016

When on Graham Norton in 2016, he told an absolutely crazy story (Photo: Ian West)
He told his morning glory story, completely spontaneously (Photo: Ian West)

'I was getting confused because someone was cleaning my room. And there was a lady at the foot of my bed holding a feather duster.

Her conversation with this intruder took a turn when she boldly asked him, 'Do you have morning glory?'

Robbie continued: 'I said, “Yes, I did,” so she said, “I'm going to fuck you.”

'I thought: I'm young, I can close my eyes and pretend I'm someone else. So I thought 'Go for it'.

Somewhat alarmingly, when Robbie spoke to the owner of the castle, they revealed that there was no cleaning lady that day, so his new acquaintance had actually broken in.

'Then someone came into the street with a feather duster, gave me a handjob and left!' Robbie told a shocked audience.

He, of course, later told his bandmates about the experience – which happened long before he met Ayda – only to discover that they knew exactly who had done it.

His bass player told him: 'I know who it was, it was Maureen from the pub. She said she had done it and no one believed her!

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