Leon Edwards will defend his UFC welterweight belt this Saturday (16) against Colby Covington

12 dec
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Leon Edwards vs. Chamberlain

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Leon Edwards will defend his UFC welterweight belt this Saturday (16) against Colby Covington. A rival who causes teasing by his rivals, mainly due to his sharp language and provocations directed at his rivals.

The Englishman has already fallen victim to his rival's “trash talk” several times, and “Chaos” even called him “Leon Scott”. However, if some people prefer to heat up the competition with shouting, Edwards does not want this to reach him even a moment before the next fight.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, “Rocky” stated that he “doesn't care” about Covington's provocations. So much so that when commenting on his opponent's speaking and playing style over the weekend in Las Vegas, he was even compared to the character Stifler from the American Pie film series.

– I ignore him. It's another way of making fun of where I come from and where I grew up. He looks like one of those goofy Americans, like Stifler from American Pie. He's like that guy, the guy who just talks shit. “Never mind,” Leon Edwards said

– Even if we didn't fight, I wouldn't be friends with Colby. We are two different guys, two different men. We have different morals. And that. I will go there because it makes it easier for me to train and it is easy for me to go there and punch a hole in his face and that's it – added the Englishman.

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The fact that “Chaos” is doing something as if he were a “character” to promote himself and take advantage of the opportunities he gets in Ultimate is already somewhat acknowledged by many in the organization. It's also something that doesn't leave any troubling thoughts for Edwards as he prepares to face one of the main trash talkers.

– He created a character, a personality, so as not to be kicked out of the UFC. It's easy to tolerate a guy like that because you laugh at him. He's a freak. You know exactly what he'll say, what he'll wear. He's funny, he's a clown. We're just having fun, Rocky said.