In her Wednesday plenary speech (3), Senator Leila Barros (PDT-DF) celebrated three years of 14,132 lei, from 2021, which is a typical example of the crime of persecution in Brazil.

The rule results from the draft act (PL 1.369/2019), authored by a parliamentarian. Provides a sentence of six months to two years in prison plus a fine for anyone found guiltylifting someone repeatedly and in any way that endangers his or her physical or mental integrity, restricts his or her mobility or in any way violates or violates his or her sphere of freedom or privacy. The senator emphasized that the provision is an essential tool in the fight against femicide in the country:

— Reporting harassment can prevent a case of harassment from turning into violence or even a serious tragedy. Knowing the law and using it when necessary can mean the difference between life and death for a victim. Therefore, it is always worth recalling and making public the definition of a crime hunting – he said, referring to the English term that describes the behavior of a person who, against the will of the victim, including on social networking sites, insists on making romantic proposals, and may also approach him in prohibited places, e.g. at home, work, recreational space . and others. The stalker may even break into the home of the bullied person and imprison or threaten him or her if he or she does not give in to his or her demands. The victims of stalking are often public figures, most often women.

According to data presented by the senator, 79.7 thousand were recorded in Brazil in 2023. cases of persecution of women. According to her, the numbers show that the law effectively protected victims who were previously defenseless. Leila stressed the importance of raising awareness and ensuring victims feel safe when seeking help.

— It is important for the person to report the situation to friends and relatives and not to interact with their abuser. It is also important to look for a police station that specializes in virtual crimes or a women's police station if the victim is a woman. This bill is a symbol of hope for victims fighting for justice and a clear signal to perpetrators that their criminal behavior will not be tolerated,” he emphasized.

Agência Senado (reproduction authorized based on the quote from Agência Senado)