ILife with Piqu has been very expensive for him. Shakira. In addition to the scandal that led to the separation, the singer from Barranquilla was sentenced by Spanish justice. Twill have to pay a fine of 7.3 million after accepting the accusations of having defrauded 14.5 million euros in the period between 2012 and 2014. And things could have been worse because the Public Prosecutor’s Office asked for a sentence of up to eight years and two months in prison, plus a fine of 23.8 million euros for six tax crimes.

The Public Ministry understands that Shakira lived in Barcelona between 2012 and 2014, therefore it must be taxed in Spain. They also found several pieces of evidence that confirmed a network of companies to avoid paying taxes. After going through the bank this Monday, he accepted the sanction and at least avoided going to jail as he had no criminal record.

All kinds of reactions arose about the case. and one of those that has attracted the most attention is that of his lawyer Pau Molins, who recognizes that Shakira would have saved 120 million euros of having lived in Madrid and not in Barcelona.

Shakira’s statement at the Barcelona Provincial CourtGTRES

Shakira’s lawyer and the “120 million” that her marriage to Piqu cost her

“The act of falling in love It cost him 120 million euros“, states from the beginning Pau Molins, the lawyer who handled the entire Barranquilla case. “If he had fallen in love with Sergio Ramos and not PiquIt would have cost a lot less money”, he explains.

The lawyer considers that having lived in Catalonia considerably increased the amount between fines and tax payments. This total value It would have been reduced considerably if I had resided in Madrid.

“Of six crimes, three could not have been chargedso much so that they fill their mouths with the equality of the Spanish”, says Molins, who regrets everything that this has impacted on his defense.

Finally, Molins focused on the point of residence and the changes that exist in legislation between one place and another. “If you are a resident of Catalonia, you can go to prison for a crime that is impossible, with the same behavior, in Madrid, for example, because there is no wealth tax“, he said.


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