The ongoing confusion surrounding Kyler Murray's future as the Cardinals' quarterback in 2024 remains a hot topic in football circles. Despite speculation about his appearance in the upcoming games, an internal decision within the organization may already be made regardless of how this season ends.

Murray has a strong case to continue leading the team next year, and it goes far beyond what happens on the pitch. Let's deal with the financial aspect first. Murray's contract has a significant impact at $51.857 million against a salary cap that is expected to be around $240 million. His base salary of $37 million includes $35.3 million guaranteed.

Parting ways with Murray would likely require a trade, but his contract combined with his recent return from a serious anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury could hamper the Cardinals' bottom line. If sold before June 1, 2024 or June 1, 2024, the team will face a huge loss of $46.22 million, which will be a huge burden, especially for the team in the rebuilding phase.

Firing Murray on or before June 1 would result in a staggering $81.521 million. Even waiting until June 1 would only split the total cap amount between $48.3 million in 2024 and $33.3 million in 2025. That still leaves the team with a $51.857 million cap burden.

Then there is the problem of finding a suitable replacement. History shows that selecting quarterbacks does not guarantee success; many top picks failed to live up to expectations. Therefore, sticking with Murray provides stability, allowing the Cardinals to direct their resources toward strengthening the overall team rather than going out to find a new quarterback.

Statements from band members reflect support for Murray.



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