UPDATE, with video: Grammy-winning Atlanta rapper Killer Mike appeared on In cash today, and reflected on his recent arrest – in handcuffs – at the Grammys earlier this month, saying: “All my heroes have been in handcuffs – Malcolm, Martin, Mandela, Medgar. I left with the same dignity and respect that I came in with, and I implore people to take that away from this.”

The rapper was asked about the incident by To view co-host Sunny Hostin, who acknowledged that the ongoing legal case restricted the extent to which Killer Mike, whose real name is Mike Render, could discuss.

As he previously said, Killer Mike described the night by noting, “Backstage was overcrowded, the winners were exuberant, and I think security got a little overzealous.”

Watch the interview below.

The activist-entrepreneur-rapper was taken into custody after winning three Grammys on February 4 by the LAPD following an alleged altercation with a security guard earlier. He was detained for several hours and charged with a misdemeanor. He is scheduled to appear in court in Los Angeles on February 29.

About In cash today, Killer Mike said that after being detained and released, he was greeted by his wife, Shana. “I went to my wife in the rain,” he said. “I was like a romance movie. It was too much.

Several hours later, the rapper was notified by his ex-girlfriend that a kidney had been found for his 21-year-old son, who had been awaiting a transplant for three years.

Later, during his To view On a visit, when pressed about his reluctance to support Joe Biden for president, the rapper said he was focused on “hyperlocal” politics in Atlanta. “Nationally, I'm just doing what my grandfather said: 'Stay out of white people's business and watch what happens… For now, I just don't want to get involved in the soap opera.'