Watching for drunk drivers

Madison Reeve

It's been a busy month for the Kelowna RCMP.

Police have issued 30 impaired driving tickets in Kelowna less than half way through December's CounterAttack campaign.

The tickets include 24-hour or three-day suspensions as well as 90-day immediate roadside prohibitions.

Police say they see the most impaired drivers in July and December.

Impaired driving occurs when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs (and even over-the-counter cold medication) to the point where it impairs your abilities.

“On top of our regular patrols we also have several scheduled blitz or roadblocks as they are called going on through the month. We already had the big one on Dec. 2nwhich was called Light of the Highway. We have several others planned,” said Sgt. Colby Attlesey.

Attlesey says it has now become easier for RCMP members to detect if someone is driving under the influence.

“Canada recently updated the criminal code and removed the need to establish grounds with what is called a mandatory demand now. If you are found operating a motor vehicle a police officer can request you to take a breath sample into an ASD (Approved Screening Device) regardless of whether or not they have any symptoms,” he said.

Impaired driving is the third leading cause of death on the roads, after distracted and aggressive driving.

If you believe someone is driving impaired you are urged to contact 911 immediately.



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