Katie Price's diet advert banned by the ASA (Photo: PA Wire)

An advertisement featuring Katie Price, who promotes 'calorie deficits' in diets, has been banned by the Advertising Standards Agency.

Model and TV personality Katie, 46, took part in an ad posted to Instagram where she praised low-calorie foods and a diet that fell well below 800 calories a day.

The recommended daily calorie intake is 2,000 per day for women and 2,500 for men.

In an Instagram video from The Skinny Food Co, posted in August last year, Katie was shown preparing meals for herself and noting the low calories of each food.

She complained in the video: 'God, look at that double chin, that's why I'm at Skinny Foods, Jesus, look at that double chin.'

At the end of the video, it was stated that his total calories for the day were 755, less than half the recommended amount for adults.

Katie Price attending a screening of Geordie Shore at the Soho Hotel in central London.

The star's advert saw her promote a daily calorie intake of less than 800 (Photo: PA)

And a caption alongside the video stated 'all of this was just 755 calories and helped me maintain a calorie deficit to shed a few extra pounds when needed.

“If I have a bad day, I like to be in a calorie deficit to make sure it's not a bad week.”

The ASA ruled that the ad irresponsibly promoted a diet below 800 calories and did not include any instructions that it should only be followed short-term, or any advice to speak to a medical professional before following a low-calorie diet.

They concluded that «consumers would understand from the advertisement that they could choose to follow a similar diet that was less than 800 kcal per day, consuming the same products and other products from The Skinny Food Co range, without consulting a doctor, until they reached their goals» . desired weight'.

Katie herself agreed to remove the ad and said she followed a calorie deficit diet and believed many people in the UK did the same. She also asked for advice on how to make similar ads compliant with ASA standards in the future.

Katie said she herself follows a calorie deficit diet and asked the ASA for advice on making future adverts compliant (Photo: PA)

In addition to the weight loss and diet claims, the ASA received complaints that the roll was not clearly recognizable as an advertisement, but Not Guilty Food Co Ltd, trading as The Skinny Food Co, said the roll included #ad which they they said it should be considered efficient.

However, the ASA said it was not visible unless a person clicked on the post and expanded the text.

To the ASA's concerns about whether the weight loss claims were authorized on Britain's nutrition and health claims register, the company said it could not control what Katie ate, but the “calorie deficit” was a proven way of losing weight.

The ASA also warned that there was no evidence that products in the Skinny Food range contained a substance to produce weight loss, and although it fell within advertising regulations, the advert itself was in breach of the Code.

Katie Price attending the Celebrity Ex on the Beach event

Skinny Food Co considered the #ad on the roll sufficient (Photo: PA Wire)

'We told Not Guilty Food Co Ltd, trading as The Skinny Food Co, and Katie Price, to ensure that their future advertisements were obviously identifiable as marketing communications, and that the commercial intent was made clear, and that identifiers such as '# ad”' were displayed clearly and prominently.

“We also told them to ensure their adverts did not irresponsibly promote diets of less than 800 kcal per day and to only make weight loss or weight maintenance claims for foods if the claim was authorized on the UK Nutrition and Health Claims Register and the food satisfied the associated conditions of use.”

Katie recently made headlines when she called for an age limit on fillers and urged people not to go abroad for plastic surgery, despite doing it herself.

The star has been campaigning about plastic surgery following her experiences with numerous cosmetic procedures, including 16 breast augmentations.

Katie recently campaigned for an age limit for plastic surgery and for more education on the subject (Photo: Getty)

She told BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour: 'I just think there should be an age limit on this, and (we should) educate girls, why do you need to have all this stuffing and everything pumped in your face?

“Just look when you're my age, it's different when you're older, but you know, they're still babies.”

She added: 'My advice is, don't go abroad and stuff because it's cheaper, why don't you get in touch with some people there who have done the before and after, and send them a message saying, “Look, I'm thinking about doing this? What was it really like?”

Katie has regularly been abroad in the past, to countries such as Turkey, which she has visited multiple times in 2021 for a variety of cosmetic procedures including liposuction, facelift and Brazilian butt lift, as well as veneer placement.

Last year, the Government launched a consultation to gather knowledge and views on how to make Botox procedures and other non-surgical cosmetic treatments, including facial fillers, safer.

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