Kate Winslet is reflecting on her shot at stardom after starring in Titanic.

The 1997 film directed by James Cameron became a box office hit and made megastars of Winslet and her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. However, the additional attention Winslet received from the film was not something she was prepared for.

“I felt like I had to look a certain way, or be a certain thing, and because the media intrusion was so significant at that time, my life was quite unpleasant,” Winslet said. Porter Magazine.

After a pause, she continued: “Journalists always said, 'After Titanic, you could have done anything and you still chose to do these little things'…and I said, 'Yes, you bet your life I did!' Because, guess what, being famous was horrible.'”

Winslet was just 22 years old when Titanic with the star, adding: “I was grateful, of course. I was in my early twenties and got an apartment. But I didn’t want to be followed literally feeding the ducks.”

At 48, Winslet says the word fame is “ridiculous” and no longer considers it a “burden.”

“[Titanic] continues to bring people a lot of joy,” she notes. “The only time I think, 'Oh God, hide,' is if we're on a boat somewhere.”

Winslet has been open about her struggles with the media in her 20s, which left her self-conscious about her body. In an interview published by Vogue In September 2023, Winslet opened up about why she had to be brave to film a topless scene for the film Lee.

“I had to be really brave to let my body be its softest version of itself and not hide from it,” she told the publication.

She said it all “stems from being subjected to the most horrific scrutiny and judgment, and in fact, I would go so far as to say intimidation, by the mainstream media when I was in my 20s.”