AIt is how Shakira was the great Colombian figure at the Latin Grammy Awards 2023, presented in Seville on November 16in the strange and innovative delivery of the Billboard Awards 2023, the star of the South American country was Karol G. With an unforgettable performance, winning two awards and leaving a more than emotional speech, the country gave something to talk about.

For those who didn’t watch the broadcast, it was a special delivery because practically everything was focused on online transmissionthe artists received the awards in different environments, the shows were produced almost like a music video and Days before, images of the ‘looks’ and some performances, such as ‘La Bichota’, had already been leaked..

Karol G won two Billboard awards in 2023, Shakira left it blank

Although Karol G and Shakira participated together in the ‘best Latin song’ category with ‘TQG’, they were beaten by Eslabn Armado and Peso Pluma with ‘Ella Baila Sola’. Barranquillera was also in the ‘best dance or electronic music’ category by ‘Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53’ inspired by Gerard Piqu’s separationbut the winners were David Guetta and Bebe Rexha with ‘I’m Good (Blue)’.

In In the direct competition between the two Colombians, seeking to be the ‘best female Latin artist’, Karol G beat Shakira and Rosala. Thus positioning herself at the end of the year as one of the great artists of Spanish music, with tours that left attendance records and much to celebrate in 2023.

Precisely because the ‘Tomorrow Ser Bonito Tour’, a tour that passed through the United States and now begins its tour in Latin America, ‘La Bichota’ took home its other Billboard award. Defeat historical figures like Daddy Yankee and RBD meeting.

However, not all were celebrations for Carolina Giraldo Navarro, as In ‘best Latin album’ I lost to Bad Bunny and ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’. And ‘Conejo Malo’ himself won ‘Best Latin Artist’.

Karol G’s bold presentation and very ‘hot’ look

As the presentation was not on the stage of a theater or event center, it was noted that they were looking for a large and suitable space for Karol G to display his movements and interact with the dancers in a sensual way. Furthermore, the water on the floor, the play of lights and the transparent clothes made everything look different.

La paisa did a mix of ‘QLONA’, ‘Labios lojadas’ and ‘Ojos Ferrari’, generating very good comments and trending on social media and web searches. Although she has achieved the same since images of the dress she wore on the red carpet became known, she also glued to the body, with transparencies and maintaining the concept of water and tight-fitting clothes.

Karol G’s speech at Billboard 2023

In that strange way of awarding the awards, with prior production, on the special stage and with the public prepared to receive the winner’s speech, the Colombian’s emotional words were heard:

I’m super excited, I must say I’m a lot more nervous than normal, We are very close and I really like it, but this is the first time I have received an award so close to all of you. It’s very exciting to share this moment, as well as many things we share. This award, here is one, but there are two (laughs)… In English I don’t know how to say it very well, but it’s the most ‘chimba’ Latin tour. It’s an opportunity to say thank you because these awards mean the connection between you (fans) and me.More than fans, they are part of this family

In addition to what Karol G achieved, it marked the history of the Billboard Awards which Taylor Swift would reach 10 categories won in this edition because she is equal to Drake with 39 awards since then.



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