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Kanye West shared a gruesome video of a growth on his upper lip just a month after getting titanium teeth installed.

The rapper, 46, reportedly spent $850,000 (£673,000) so he could use titanium cutters, but now he has alarmed followers who have just noticed a lump on his upper lip.

On Monday, West shared a video of himself with his wife Bianca Censori, 29, walking through an airport as he responded to backlash that he was sharing too much of her on his social media.

He told critics: 'Never say anything negative – if you don't like my page and you don't like what I'm posting, fuck off, seriously.

'Leave me – leave the king alone – I don't care bro, I'll post my wife as much as I want – go post your wife on your fucking Instagram.'

Alongside the clip on Instagram, he wrote: 'I'll post my wife as much as I want bro. It makes me happy Some people don't want you to be happy They want you to make them happy I decided to make myself happy and I'm happy with that' (sic.)

Kanye revealed lump on upper lip after experimental $850,000 dental surgery (Photo: Instagram / Kanye West)

The comments, however, mainly came from fans concerned about the growth on her lip.

A follower with the username prxmxmiel asked: 'What is that on your lip?'

'What happened to your face?' rebe1jess followed: “What happened to your face?”

West was hitting back at criticism over his wife's near-naked Instagram photos (Photo: Kanye West/Instagram)
Kanye, pictured here in 2021, has always had a prominent lip (Photo: Getty Images)

However, although some fans are only just noticing the excess on his upper lip now, it appears West has always had it, as has been visible in many of his photos over the years.

While many others asked the same question about her lip, others doubled down on the hitmaker Jesus Walks for constantly posting photos of his wife scantily clad and in very uncomfortable clothes, despite previously criticizing his ex-wife Kim Kardashian for dressing 'too sexy' '.

“You can post your wife 2 million times no one cares but it's the nakedness and hypocrisy of it all,” replied one follower, tumz4.

Bobby Lytes Instagram with Bianca Censori

Fans were worried that Bianca looked 'uncomfortable' (Photo: Bobby Lytes/Instagram)

People have become concerned about Censori since the influx of photos of her on West's social media account, with many noting that she looked “uncomfortable” dancing in nothing but a Dorito-shaped cloth on a recent night at a club.

It was previously claimed that her family and friends have been struggling to contact her since she married West in December 2022.

A source claimed that she “no longer has a mind of her own” and “obeys” West as “he has convinced her they are royalty.”

The latest cause for concern comes after West revealed lyrics from his new album, in which he boasts about being an “anti-Semite” and compares himself to sex offenders.

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