HThere are times when life offers second chances. Precisely a second chance is what I took Juan Castão Quirs 'Juanele'legendary former football player for Sporting de Gijn, Tenerife and Zaragoza, to resume his life: “I'm not a broken toy anymore.”

His way of playing dazzled the world of football in the 90s. The rival defense feared his runs, dribbling and his way of tackling. But an illness such as bipolar disorder and his reputation as a 'nocturnal' hindered his career.. Juanele acknowledges that he is leaving, but not before the game: “Both my teammates and I, when we could go out, we went out and had fun. But before the game, in concentration, it was impossible.”

The football player ended up going to prison twice. About his illness, Juanele speaks openly: “It’s something that happens to a lot of people. I take my medication strictly and it has worked well for me.”. Of your stay for 1 year and 3 months in prison The former football player recognizes his toughness: “It changes your life. It was difficult and sad for me and my family.”

In Gijn he grew up as a football player and caught the attention of the big names in our country. In fact, as he himself acknowledges, FC Barcelona tried to sign him: “In 1982 they had the option to hire several of us. I had the option to opt for 100 million pesetas. In the end, they hired Ivn Iglesias.” Madrid and Mendoza also tried, but he ended up signing for Tenerife: “They invested in me and treated me very well. It was the first time I left my family. I really liked Canarian football.”

The call-up of the Spanish team for the 1994 World Cup in the United States surprised him. But even more surprising for him was that Clemente, the coach at the time, didn't give him a minute: “He's a good coach, but he behaved very badly towards me. I had a really bad time, he didn't give me a single ball.”