ANDIn the last few hours, The beaches of Cádiz have been under the media spotlight due to the tragic episode that occurred last Friday in which two civil guards died on the high seas.. The events began around 8:30 pm, when agents received an alert that six drug traffickers' boats were hiding in the port of Barbate due to the storm that was occurring at that time.

Benemrita device was activated to hunt down drug traffickers, specifically a patrol boat from the Special Underwater Activities Group (GEAS) of the Civil Guard. The fatal outcome occurred when the trafficker boat, larger and more powerful than the agents', fatally rammed two occupants of the patrol vehicle.

Juan Franco proposes legalizing hashish

This provoked a reaction from several political figures who question the protocols and the lack of resources that security forces have to face. One of them was the mayor of La Línea de La Concepción (Cádiz), Juan Franco, who this Monday proposed a possible solution to put an end to drug trafficking that invades the coast of Cádiz.which involves “legalizing the consumption of hashish, tobacco or alcohol”.

“Maybe from then on we will eliminate drug trafficking”, acknowledged Franco. “If hashish were not consumed in the rest of Spain, we probably wouldn't be talking about what we're talking about. Maybe the solution is to legalize it. Not them. In my opinion, and I could be wrong, the recipes that are being applied are not appropriate,” he added.

Finally, he wanted to be ironic with these types of people: “Now tell me what do we do with these people, do we set up a concentration camp and take them to the Chafarinas Islands or something like that? “Reintegration measures are not working because these detainees leave prison and commit crimes again.”