Joy Behar will be out In cash for the rest of the week as she was diagnosed with Covid.

Whoopi Goldberg announced that Behar would not appear on the “Hot Topics” table at the beginning of the show's broadcast.

“Joy came out this week,” Goldberg said before turning to the audience and asking, “Do you know why?”

“She finally caught Covid,” said the program moderator. “Three years… four years later… she finally got it.”

Sara Haines chimed in, jokingly saying, “She can stop bragging now.”

“About her special blood type and everything,” Sunny Hostin added of Behar's reasons why she never caught the virus.

In Behar's absence, Community former student Yvette Nicole Brown took her place on the show. Brown has been a frequent guest co-host on the ABC daytime talk show over the years.

Goldberg herself battled Covid multiple times in her last fight earlier this year, which prevented her from appearing on The views Season 27 premiere episode. O Sister Ato alum had previously tested positive for the virus in November 2022 and during the 2021 holidays, which caused her to miss the show's return in January 2022.

The remaining co-hosts missed the show due to coronavirus. But in 2021, Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro falsely tested positive for the virus and were kicked off the show during a live broadcast. Vice President Kamala Harris was scheduled to make an in-person appearance on the program, but was interviewed remotely due to Hostin and Navarro's positive test results. The co-hosts would later explain that it was a false alarm, but as a precaution and to be safe for the VP, the producers took these drastic measures.