Credit goes to Dallas Cowboys running back Micah Parsons. He didn't have to go back and bring up bad memories.

When talking to Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love last week, Parson could have asked Love about anything other than the Packers' 48-32 victory over the Cowboys in Dallas. He could have talked about what it was like living in Green Bay or how Love enjoyed supporting future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers during the first few years of his career. These are easy questions.

But that wasn't what Parsons wanted to know. He wanted to know how Green Bay head coach Matt LaFleur was able to plan something that ended up completely destroying one of the best defenses in the NFL during the regular season.

“I'm not trying to talk (slap),” Love said, prefacing his response (h/t Illustrated sports), “but all you linebackers – I think you had a linebacker playing DB.”