The judge in Jonathan Majors' domestic violence trial has allowed the release of a body of evidence from the case, including voice recordings of Majors chastising his ex-girlfriend, video of Majors pushing her back into a car, photos of both of their injuries and your text message. messages begging her not to go to the hospital for a head injury.

Judge Michael Gaffey previously said that all evidence shown to jurors during the trial would be released at its conclusion, but as the proceeding stretched into its second week, Gaffey agreed to allow certain materials shown in court to be released on Wednesday.

Majors, 34, was arrested on March 25 for allegedly attacking his then-girlfriend Grace Jabbari after she took his phone when she saw Majors receive a romantic text from another woman. He is accused of twisting Jabbari's arm behind her back, squeezing her fingers and hitting her on the back of the head, before pushing her back into the car when she tried to follow him.

Majors — who has maintained his innocence and pleaded not guilty to the charges — faces up to a year in prison if convicted of four misdemeanor counts of assault and harassment. His defense team claimed that Jabbari was the aggressor that night and made “false accusations” in an act of “revenge”.

Now, prosecutors have released surveillance video that shows some of Majors and Jabbari's fights in the car. (There is no footage from inside the car because the video camera was not working at the time.) Majors is seen getting out of the car and Jabbari tries to follow him. Majors is shown picking up Jabbari and repeatedly pushing her inside. Majors is then seen grabbing Jabbari by her arm and quickly leading her to the other side of the street, before letting go of her arm and running away.

Another video shows Jabbari running after Majors until she encounters a group of strangers, telling them in a panic about Majors cheating on her and not having her phone or purse to get home. Majors is then seen walking past Jabbari and the group before Jabbari follows him. They are seen getting in and out of the car several times, before Majors leaves to go to a hotel and Jabbari leaves with the strangers.

Included in the evidence were photos Jabbari took of his injuries, which show Jabbari's bruised and red middle finger and a bloody cut behind his ear. Photos taken by police show the purple finger and more photos of the cut behind the ear.

Prosecutors have presented their case with several witnesses, including Jabbari. The 30-year-old professional dancer and movement coach, who testified over four days, spoke about the couple's alleged tumultuous relationship after meeting on the set of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania in 2021. Jabbari said things progressed quickly, with Majors professing his love for her from an early age and writing her poetry. “I felt very loved and cared for, and very seen,” she said. “I understood him and he understood me.” That December, however, Jabbari said she was scared of Majors, detailing several instances in which Majors would allegedly go “furious” and throw blunt objects and glass near her.

Prosecutors showed photos of the aftermath of a July 2022 fight in Los Angeles. Majors was preparing for a role in bodybuilding Dreams Magazine – which has since been shelved – when the actor reportedly became furious with Jabbari. “He exploded,” Jabbari said, alleging that Majors screamed in her face as she later tried to hide from him in the bedroom. The majors allegedly threw glass objects in the vicinity of Jabbari, leaving broken glass on the floor and a dent in the wall.

The photo shows objects and candles scattered on the floor next to broken glass. What appears to be a Bible is on a nearby table. Jabbari said he took the photo of the damage because “the change in his temperament was something I was familiar with. I know I continued to forgive him and wanted to make a memory (of the incident).”

Manhattan District Attorney's Office

Manhattan District Attorney's Office

While filming the Disney+ show Loki in London in September 2022, Jabbari testified that Majors became upset with her because she had a friend over and they went to a nearby pub to drink, returning home around the same time as Majors and her trainer. Jabbari said she noticed Majors' mood change as the group ordered dinner and led her friend and the coach out of the house. The next day, she claims Majors ripped off her headphones and told her she was “stupid” if she didn't know what she had done. Jabbari later claimed that Majors told her he wanted her out of the house and allegedly began throwing objects around the room, stuffing her personal belongings into bags and putting some items in the trash.

The couple later reconciled, Jabbari testified, but Majors allegedly was upset that she didn't take full blame for the fight. In a voice recording, Majors is heard raising his voice and chastising Jabbari, saying he was a “great man” and needed a “great woman.” “How dare you come home drunk and disturb the peace of our home when we have a plan,” Majors is heard saying as Jabbari apologizes. “I'd like to get to the point where her friends know what job I'm in and say, 'I think Grace is going to be out of commission.' You understand this?

“Grace has to have a certain mindset, to support – Coretta Scott King, do you know who that is? That's Martin Luther King's wife. Michelle Obama, wife of Barack Obama,” continues Majors. “Let me explain to you. I'm just going to say this – my temper, my shit, my (indiscernible) blah, blah, blah – all that said, I'm a great man. A excellent man. I'm doing great things, not just for myself, but for my culture and the world. In fact, that's the position I'm in. This is real. I'm not being an idiot about this. I didn't ask for this. I worked and this is the situation. The woman who supports me – who I support – needs to be a great woman and make sacrifices in the same way that the man is making for her and for them, ultimately. Last night, two nights ago, you didn't do that. You didn't do it, which put a damper on the plan. And the plan is everything.”

Manhattan District Attorney's Office

That same month, Majors begged Jabbari not to go to the hospital for a head injury, according to texts presented in court. “It’s simply false,” Majors wrote in the messages. “And I'm afraid you have no perspective on what could happen if you went to the hospital. They will ask questions, and since I don't think you really have our backs, this could lead to an investigation, even if you lie and they suspect something.” Jabbari's response is partially redacted, but she responds: “I'll tell the doctor I hit my head, if I go, I'll wait another day, but I can't sleep and I need stronger painkillers. That is all. Why would I want to tell them what really happened when it's clear I want to be with you?

“I feel like you guys want to stay together so you don’t embarrass yourselves for everything you said to your friends and family,” Majors responded. “Last night I thought about killing myself instead of going home. You said you needed love last night and I put my feelings aside and tried to give it to you. I NEED to love you. Or maybe I'm such a monster and horrible man that I don't deserve this and should just kill myself. This way of existence is miserable. I wanna die.”

The later conversation between the couple is edited, but Jabbari responds at another point: “I won't go to the doctor if you don't feel safe with me doing that, or don't trust me. I promise I would never mention you, but I understand your fear.”


Majors' trial is now in its second week. It's unclear whether Majors will take the stand and testify. Majors' defense attorney, Priya Chaudhry, claimed that Jabbari was the aggressor on the night of the fight, pointing to Majors' buttonless coat and photos Majors took of scratches on his arm. In June, he presented a police counter report against Jabbari. (The prosecutor's office declined to press charges and sealed the case.) On interrogation, Chaudhry questioned Jabbari about her drinking habits and whether she knew that Majors was a devout Christian, wrote poetry and often carried a Bible.

Before his arrest in March, Majors was on track to have his best year yet, following the releases Creed III It is Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. He was also receiving Oscar praise for his performance as a lonely bodybuilder with violent fantasies in Dreams Magazine. However, Majors was quickly dropped by his management and publicity teams following the allegations, and Searchlight Pictures postponed it indefinitely. Dreams Magazine'Theatrical release in December. All that appears to be left on Majors' calling card is Marvel, which planned to center the franchise's next installment on Majors' character, multiverse villain Kang the Conqueror, starting with Avengers: The Kang Dynasty in 2026.



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