Do you feel like moving forward, but are experiencing dizziness and balance problems? Joint effort physical therapy in Kamloops can help.

According to Shreya Patel, a qualified physiotherapist at Joint Effort, their vestibular rehabilitation therapy offers targeted exercises to manage dizziness and balance issues, leading to a better quality of life.

“Dizziness can signal underlying medical conditions that affect your balance,” says Patel, who, in addition to being a licensed physical therapist, has advanced training in vestibular rehabilitation and concussion treatment, with experience caring for post-surgical and trauma patients.

Dizziness can also result from workplace injuries, motor vehicle collisions, and concussions. Anyone experiencing dizziness and balance issues should be seen by a specialist, like Patel and members of the Joint Effort team.

Dizziness and balance issues can affect more than just stability. They can cause muscle fatigue and headaches. Treatment may benefit individuals with vertigo, Ménière's disease, post-concussion symptoms, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), labyrinthitis, vestibular neuritis, migraines, as well as those recovering from stroke or traumatic brain injuries and those at risk of fall.

Before beginning vestibular rehabilitation therapy, patients undergo a comprehensive evaluation, including tests to assess inner ear vestibular function. This helps the trained physiotherapist adapt treatment to the patient's needs.

Patel emphasizes that balance issues and dizziness vary from person to person. That's why your healthcare professional personalizes rehabilitation with specialized exercises, some of which can be done at home. These exercises may include eye movement control, balance retraining, and stretching and strengthening routines.

The duration of a rehabilitation program depends on each patient's response to therapy. “Most people typically go through six to eight sessions weekly,” says Patel, noting that some may only require one or two sessions, while others may need several months of ongoing treatment, including home exercises.

Studies have demonstrated the benefits of vestibular rehabilitation therapy in reducing the risk of falls, improving balance, reducing symptoms of dizziness, stabilizing vision and increasing body strength.

Joint Effort offers a comprehensive range of treatments for sports injuries, workplace injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation and complex musculoskeletal conditions. Its services include physical therapy, exercise physiology, athletic therapy and massage therapy.

Their team of highly trained and licensed physical therapists collaborates with patients to help them get back to their lives fully and quickly.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Joint Effort Physiotherapy at 250-434-5846 or [email protected]. Joint Effort Physical Therapy is located at 113-805 Notre Dame Drive.

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