John Barrowman attacked people who 'dive into it' (Photo: Getty Images)

John Barrowman left fans confused as she furiously lashed out at the 'swearing'.

The 56-year-old former Doctor Who and Torchwood star released a strong message on social media aimed at those 'who are constantly calling me names'.

“You want to comment on something you think you know everything about, but you actually know nothing about, because you weren't there,” he wrote.

“The event that you all constantly refer to, as if you knew what happened, is not at all what happened.”

He said he was “vague and silent” about an incident as it involved another person who was “part of the stupidity and outrageous fun” and who was also “reprimanded”.

Now, though, he says he's “tired of the nasty name calling and vile attitudes towards me.”

'I never want anyone to experience the hate that has been spewed my way over the last 2 years. So please unfollow me while you let this sink in and Happy Holidays (sic).

John didn't make it clear what he was referring to, however, two years ago he admitted to having 'exposed himself' on the sets of Doctor Who and Torchwood, apologizing for the 'foolishness'.

Two former runners alleged that while on set, Barrowman “regularly removed his genitals,” although they emphasized that this was a “joke” and not sexually predatory behavior.

However, fans of actor Captain Jack Harkness were left baffled by what he was talking about, with one Twitter user (X) writing that she was 'very happy to have absolutely no idea what this is about'.

Zdoctorwhofan wrote 'bro I'm so confused what's going on?' while Ben Guinan admitted he has 'no idea what is being mentioned here'.

Show Name: Doctor Who Special 2020 - Revolution Of The Daleks - TX: n/a - Episode: Doctor Who Special 2020 - Revolution Of The Daleks (No. n/a) - Images: Captain Jack Harkness (JOHN BARROWMAN) - ( C) BBC Studios - Photographer: James Pardon

The former Doctor Who star admitted to exposing himself on set in the reboot's early seasons (Photo: BBC Studios/James Pardon)
It was emphasized that the behavior was “joking” and he apologized for the “foolishness” (Photo: BBC/Steve Brown)

IHeartHader said 'I have no idea what happened, and I'm sure even if I did, it wouldn't matter.'

Many other fans, however, simply showed their support for John and encouraged him to “keep his head up.”

In a 2021 Guardian article, a former Doctor Who set runner said: 'Sometimes he would call me into his dressing room, and I would knock on the door and he would say, “Oh, look at this”, and he would just be with me. the chick out, standing at the door. It was kind of accepted that it was his thing.

John himself told the outlet that his 'excited behavior' was 'always planned in good humor to entertain colleagues on set and behind the scenes', and said: 'With the benefit of hindsight, I understand that the disturbance may have been caused by my behavior lush.'

'TRIC Awards' 2019 - VIP Arrivals

Fans supported John in the comments, while others had no idea what was being referenced (Photo: Getty Images)

He added that his “understanding and behavior have also changed.”

Actress Freema Agyeman, who played Martha in Torchwood, told Thelondonpaper in 2008: 'John will be walking around with his friend, talking to people… everyone would be talking to him normally and it would just be the new people, like myself. , that would be scary.

Former Doctor Who executive producer Julie Gardner confirmed to the newspaper that Barrowman was reprimanded for his behavior on the Torchwood set, and that his 'inappropriate behavior' stopped after it was emphasized that it would not be tolerated.

And a BBC spokesperson told at the time: 'The BBC is against all forms of inappropriate behavior and we are shocked to hear these allegations. To be absolutely clear, we will investigate any specific allegations made by individuals to the BBC – and if anyone has been subjected to or witnessed inappropriate behavior of any kind, we encourage you to raise the matter directly with us.

“We have a zero-tolerance approach and robust processes are in place – which are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect best practice – to ensure that any complaints or concerns are treated with the utmost seriousness and care.”

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