Want to know about Jhene Aiko’s before and after looks? The Chilombo singer is currently making headlines as she and Big Sean sought protection from a creepy fan. Little did you know, a random person broke into their house, against whom she allegedly applied for a restraining order.

This isn’t our today’s concern but her looks. Over the years, Jhene Aiko has shown us many changes in her looks and appearance. Following that, the singer sparked plastic surgery rumors. It’s not something uncommon these days. 

Jhene Aiko is a versatile singer who rose to fame because of her involvement with the R&B group B2K. Hailing from Los Angeles, she is the recipient of the BET Awards. Being her fan, did you not listen to her recently released song- Calm & Patient? Some of Jhene Aiko’s notable songs are- In the Dark, Happiness Over Everything, Never Call Me, To Love & Die, and Sativa. 

Not to forget that Jhene Aiko’s studio album Trip also earned massive success. It was released sometime in 2017. You must listen to it once. Returning to Jhene Aiko’s before and after looks, her nose seemed to have changed a lot.

But, nowadays, not everyone accepts undergoing it. What about her? Did she opt for cosmetic surgery? Here is what we know about Jhene Aiko’s dramatic transformation over the years. 

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Jhene Aiko’s Before And After Looks: Everything To Know

As far as Jhene Aiko’s before and after looks are concerned, she reportedly did a nose job. However, the singer didn’t confirm or pass any comment regarding this. If you notice, now, Jhene’s nose appears sharper and more pointed than before. We wonder if it’s because of contouring skills or due to any cosmetic surgery.  

Jhene Aiko's Before And After Looks
Jhene Aiko’s before and after looks (Credits: House and Whips)

Her plastic surgery rumors didn’t stay limited to her nose but also her eyes. Did you not notice it? It’s different. Jhene Aiko seemed to have opted for eyelid surgery. One fan even commented, “It’s pretty clear that she did SOMETHING to make her eyes look more European.” 

Guess what? Jhene Aiko claimed that her plastic surgery rumors, especially the ones related to her eyes, were false. She added, saying that she is already only a quarter Japanese. Some fans also supported her debunking the rumors of her cosmetic alterations. Specifically, they claimed that the dramatic transformation may be because of the advancements in makeup techniques. 

Not only these but Jhene Aiko’s before and after looks also sparked rumors of her skin bleaching. Is that true? We aren’t sure about this as the singer stayed tight-lipped like always. But, during an interview, Jhene stated that she uses Fraxel twice a year. That’s the secret behind her flawless skin. Discussing it, she mentioned the initial pain. 

Best Wishes to Jhene Aiko for the upcoming days of her life. Follow the Souled Out singer, Jhene, on her Instagram account for more updates. What do you think about Jhene Aiko’s before and after looks?

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