Wagainst wind and tide. Jaume Masi is Moto3 world champion when few thought he would make it. To the end he was worthy of his career, many Russians in which he was always aiming for a peak that he finally climbed.

Because of General knife He seemed destined to reach the top very soon. His family didn’t have many resources, but he had passion. Your fatherJaume, I put him on a motorcycle when he was five years old and, seeing that he liked it and was good at it, I signed him up for the selection of the Cradle of Championsthat huge daycare in Valencia that works Juliano Miralles. Different five bags and the one who came… fifth. “I chose number five for that reason,” she admitted.

Then, at the 2014 Red Bull Rookies Cup, he stood out aged 13. Until Marc Mrquez saw himself reflected in that boy let it run with ballast. Masi signed for Estrella Galicia Monlau, but was unsuccessful at the FIM CEV. He had to return to the Cuna and Miralles team to take second place and earn an important opportunity.

Key race

Was Austria 2017. He managed to ride in the lead group and in second position, behind Mir, who escaped. He finished ninth, but it was enough to get signed. In 2018 and 2019, with José Manuel Ruiz, Josete, He grew up and his talent took him to Leopard, in 2020, with a Honda. He has already started to be seen as a candidate… who I didn’t finish. Ajo hired him, but in 2021 he found Pedro Costa, that you eclipse it. In 2022, he didn’t even enter the fray either. Leopard gave him the last chance, as he is already a little burnt out with the category.

Bad start to action

The year wasn’t going well at all, as it almost always happens. In Austria it reached 52 points from Holgado. However, he began to come back and believe. A psychologist guided him and his confidence increased.

In Lusail there was a chance, but he had to win and Sasaki finished fourth. It seemed difficult and even more so after finding himself tenth on the grid and the Japanese driver in fourth. However, the Valencian arrived on top and, aggressively, blocked the Japanese twice in turn 6. The stewards still They warned him of the sanction.

So it was Sasaki who pushed him over the edge, including a complaint from Jaume. The result came with Masi taking command and Ayumu being overtaken by Adrin Fernndez this left the east trapped and distant.

Emotion and tears

They had to win and Jaume resisted like a boar. He suffered so much that he stopped the bike in the same turn 1. He couldn’t stop crying. He was excited. “AND an incredible feeling“It’s been many years of fighting and training and getting injured and not knowing if I would continue running or not,” he stammered on DAZN.

His great merit is in beating the KTM legion with a Honda, whose mount is a little better. “We deserve this like no one else,” he said. “It’s the title we sweat the most,” he admitted. Christian Lundberg, the director of Leopard, who won his fourth crown. “He deserved it”, certified Pitito Fernndez. Everyone hugged and ended up coming together. a pool. With the heat of the desert it was the best.

Harsh criticism

But Masi also criticized Sasaki and the judges. “My intention was to keep hitting on him. I had an incredible urge. In the end, they calmed me down, although He also continued to play, so it seems very unfair to me. In Malaysia we already had a strategy with Adrin and I consider it shameful and unacceptable that Race Direction He went so far as to tell us that Adrian couldn’t follow Sasaki, telling us that he couldn’t bother him, that it was unfair, that he couldn’t get in the way, when he was simply following him. I do not know what to think. At end, Screw them or a Spaniard didn’t win and it is what it is,” he said.

Obviously, in Husqvarna IntactGP They didn’t think the same way. They were very angry with the actions of the Leopard team, although the referees did not consider anything punishable. Nothing can start one’s success irreducible: Jaume Masi.


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