On Tuesday, Senator Janaína Farias (PT-CE) took the oath in the Federal Senate (2). She replaces Senator Augusta Brito (PT-CE), who took 121 days of leave.

— May we all work together to develop our potential and improve the lives of our citizens, providing more resources for cutting-edge and urban residents, which will help improve the quality of services in key areas such as education, health and safety, said Janaína Farias.

Augusta is the first deputy to licensed senator Camilo Santana — the current education minister who attended the inauguration at the Senate plenary. Janaína Farias is the second substitute on the season ticket. Also present were the Governor of the State of Ceará, Elmano de Freitas, and former senators Valmir Campelo, Julio Ventura and Chiquinho Feitosa.

Accompanied by Senators Jorge Kajuru (PSB-GO), Teresa Leitão (PT-PE) and Flávio Arns (PSB-PR), new Senator Janaína Farias was sworn in by Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco.

— Your Excellency takes over the Senate at this very important historical period in defense of democracy and progress in Brazil. This will certainly contribute to many of the programs that continue to challenge us in the Federal Senate. A woman's voice, a voice from the northeast, a voice qualified to defend the interests of Brazil,” Pacheco said.

Janaína Carla Farias comes from Crateús (CE), is 49 years old and has a degree in tourism. She was a special advisor to Camilo Santana during his two terms as governor of Ceará, and at the Ministry of Education she was secretary for information management and innovation. She was also Secretary for Institutional Relations in the Government of Ceará and Executive Advisor in the Secretariat of Cities of that state.

— Today is another day in the routine of this House, which for 200 years has been guarding democracy and the rights and obligations of the Brazilian people. However, I am asking for permission to express myself with emotion and, on this platform, to address especially all those who have woven the story of my life and who, with me here today, are accompanying a day that will be eternal and historic for me: the day when this girl, a daughter from the depths of Crateús, there in Ceará, granddaughter of workers and humble workers, daughter of a seamstress and an electrician, takes up the office of Senator of the Republic, said Janaína Farias, very touched and with special thanks to her mother, present at the inauguration ceremony.

Agência Senado (reproduction authorized based on the quote from Agência Senado)