In his speech at the plenary session on Monday (2), Senator Izalci Lucas (PL-DF) once again criticized the interference of the executive and judiciary in the National Congress. The senator invoked the interim measure (MP) 1.202/2023, published by the government at the end of last year, aimed at easing the wages of 17 economic sectors and municipalities that benefited from the tax cut. The MP was published after Congress passed a bill extending the tax credit until 2027.

Izalci praised Congress' decision to extend the validity of the MP for another 60 days only for part of the text – the provisions on the expiry of the tax relief for municipalities were excluded from the temporary measure, thus maintaining the tax exemption for municipalities.

— It was very clear to us at the leaders' meeting during the break that this temporary measure would be reinstated. This should not be discussed at all, because it is unacceptable for the Executive Branch to pass on an issue that has already been voted on by the House, Senate, or Congress, with complete disregard of our prerogatives. We cannot accept this, he emphasized.

The Senator also recalled that the MP's points regarding the Emergency Program for the Restart of the Events Sector (Perse) will continue to be discussed in the House.

During his speech, Izalci announced his affiliation with the Liberal Party (PL). The parliamentarian, who left PSDB after 27 years of work in the party, thanked the PL bench for the invitation and emphasized that he had already defended the banners that his new party supports, especially in relation to family and freedom.

— In practice, I change the acronym, but I have always defended the flags that I have been defending in this House of the Polish People's Republic for some time now, he said.

Agência Senado (reproduction authorized based on the quote from Agência Senado)