Anyone born after 1990 and is not curious about the history of football You will be surprised by the horror film that Madrid accustomed its eighties fans to. If a German won in a draw, victory on his home field was considered certain. Losing by two was a feat. Much has already been said about the magical European nights of Madrid in

the Bernabú; minus the catastrophic white nights in Germany.

It didn't matter if the opponent was tough, intermediate or unknown, traveling to that land was a pain in the ass.



from Hamburg it was the giant Hrubesch – now a women's football coach in his country – who, with a header, put two defenders (Benito and Pérez García) and the Madrid goalkeeper (Garca Remn) in the goal. Five to one in 1980.

Just two years later Kaiserslautern, then unknown,

With another helping hand he destroyed a Madrid team that had just finished runners-up in Europe and ended the game with eight players. Five to zero.

In the middle of the decade, Borussia Monchengladbach played

, and the visit to their snowy stadium ended with another resounding result. Five to one in the UEFA Cup against the intractable Madrid de la Quinta, who the following year in the European Cup were devastated in Munich, against Bayern. Four against one.

Outside of this decade, the German ghosts have reappeared twice, Lewandowski's Dortmund

, who scored his team's four goals in the 2013 semi-finals. And finally, on the way to the Milan 2016 final, Madrid lost 2-0 to Wolsfburg. This result, which in the eighties was a feat.

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